For Blue Engineering, innovations are always groundbreaking and sustainable. We connect new or existing technologies to the unexpected, leading to an application that can be of benefit to a specific line of business. Practical, effective and efficient in the larger scheme of things. Creating value instead of suboptimization. In addition, we conduct simulations based on reality and we test technologies in our reliability lab in order to come up with robust, reliable solutions. Innovation is a question of interplay between our employees and our clients. Together we create the future.

Our partners
Mechatronicsproject at ASML

Our Lead Engineer leads a mechatronics project where our team designs components for the new extreme ultraviolet machine. ASML is a client of Blue Engineering. Read more >


Pulseform applies electromagnetic pulse technology to join, form and remove. An existing technology that, in another context, offers completely new possibilities. Pulseform is a Blue Engineering product. Read more >


Proces Engineer

For the further expansion of our organisation we are looking in the area of Eindhoven/Venlo for a Proces Engineer. As Process Engineer you will be jointly responsible for the further technological development of processes, as well as the design, optimization and modification of parts of the process equipment. You will supervise the reconstruction or new building of the process equipment. You will identify and initiate improvement projects and, upon approval, you will take care of the realisation of your project. In addition, you will be involved…

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Blue Engineering is established at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and theBlue Innovation Center in Venlo, where, for example, manufacturing companies form an ecosystem to share their knowledge, work together on innovation and create new start- ups. In this blue work climate you can spar with colleagues, you will have an inspiring home base and you can attend training programmes at Holland Innovative, our sister company. You can conduct your challenging technical projects either internally or sometimes externally. And in addition to that, you can take your projects with you and develop them. The best of all worlds.

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